Backups: Part 5 – Process Dependencies – Databases Example

It is a frequent occurrence for a backup of a database system to be de-coupled from the tape backup such that there is a risk that an over-run or failure of the database backup schedule would not be detected by the subsequent schedule of the tape backup.

I recommend that the database and tape backups always be coupled such that they can be considered one composite job where the backup is dependent upon the application being in a suitable state for a backup.

If scheduled from the UNIX cron scheduler or application scheduler itself should call a process which calls a backup once the system is known to be in a suitable state defined within the backup script.

If scheduled from the backup software, the database dump, quiesce, or shutdown should be scheduled as a backup pre/post command.

Verify that the backup destination is available – in the case of disk – make sure it is mounted and writable, and in the case of tape, make sure it is loaded and writable.

The backup-pre command should not be run if the backup media cannot be verified as available

The backup-pre command should bring the system to a safe state

The backup-post command should bring the system to an open state

The backup job should not be initiated if the backup-pre command fails

The backup-post command should be run whether or not the backup-pre command or backup command itself fails

The backup-post command should return success if the program is already running satisfactorily

Any media movement should be checked and performed prior to entering the backup-pre process.

In the event of a media movement error, the backup-pre process should not be run, nor should the backup be run.

The pre and post commands should be attempted multiple times to mask over transient errors. Something like the following code fragment is sufficient for providing a 3-strike attempt:-

try_thrice() {
  $@ || $@ || $@
backup_pre() {
do_backup() {
  tar cf - $SRC | bzip2 -9c - > $DST
backup_post() {
try_thrice backup_pre || exit $?
try_thrice do_backup
try_thrice backup_post
exit `expr $? + $RETVAL`

So…in a nutshell:-

To improve data security and backup capacity management – a database backup should be linked to the tape backup such that the newly created database backup is copied to tape at the earliest opportunity, and that the tape backup should be configured so that it is not run if the database backup-pre command fails.


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