Quick and dirty data wiping

How to wipe a disk with pre-determined bit patterns

Many of you who know me may have heard of my ‘mythical’ data wiping script, which I have maintained can be done in just a few lines shell script on pretty much *any* UNIX box. Well, here it is:-

for pattern in 85 170 ; do

awk -v p=$pattern ‘END {while (1) printf(“%c”,p);};’ \

< /dev/null > /path/to/device/or/file


The patterns 85 and 170 represent 01010101 and 10101010 in 8-bit binary. These patterns can be replaced with any sequence which can be generated or pre-defined prior to the wiping run.

This command converts the decimal value of $pattern into a binary pattern using awk. The output is then generated until the target device reaches the end of the media or fills the containing filesystem.

Please use with caution, my overly simplified version does not check what it is writing to – I accept no responsibility for damages arising as a result of using this script or any derivative works.


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