Google analytics is evil (imho)

it is of my opinion that Google is evil, or at least their analytics is evil Рthey are one of the few search engines where you have to install a browser plugin to opt-out! of their analytics, and to make things worse Рit comes with an automatic update system which pollutes your windows services and scheduled tasks in order to make it phone home to google anyway! It somehow reminds me of phorm!


Browser Search Bar Plugins

Browser search bar plugins are like a plague on your privacy as they send stats on you back to their respective companies – only ever use the simple search set inside the top right or address bar of your browser and set it to something secure like or All search bars which offer any kind of automatic search or auto-completion or ‘safe-search’ filtering will provide all of your web surfing traffic to a 3rd party who may then sell or expose that data. For this reason – all browser search plugins unless absolutely necessary (like when provided as part of a malware scanner) should be avoided like the plague.