I can’t believe they called it this but here’s a site of novelty:-


It is done using some automated search scripts to search for well known samples.

It’s a great idea – the scary thing is – what kind of spoils are others collecting?


Browser Search Bar Plugins

Browser search bar plugins are like a plague on your privacy as they send stats on you back to their respective companies – only ever use the simple search set inside the top right or address bar of your browser and set it to something secure like https://duckduckgo.com or https://encrypted.google.com. All search bars which offer any kind of automatic search or auto-completion or ‘safe-search’ filtering will provide all of your web surfing traffic to a 3rd party who may then sell or expose that data. For this reason – all browser search plugins unless absolutely necessary (like when provided as part of a malware scanner) should be avoided like the plague.